Making the connection

I cannot say enough good things about Patti as our Doula. She is very professional and warm hearted. From the moment we met her, we knew immediately that she was the right doula for us. She made a great effort to get to know us and learn what we wanted for our birth experience. I loved the way that she and my husband worked together to support me during labor– it felt as if she was another family member. Her calm voice and knowledge gave me support throughout the pregnancy as well as during my labor. We couldn’t be any happier with our birth experience and are so grateful Patti was there to share it with us! If there is a baby #3, we will definitely have her as our doula.   Jena R. Michel

An amazing doula!

 As my doula Patti was amazing! She seemed to know exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Her voice had such a calming affect on both me and my husband. Because I was able to stay relaxed my body was able to do what it needed to do. Patti never left my side!  If you want a wonderful experience, Patti is the doula for you!    Shamika C

My Body Rocks!

My birth experience was not anything like I expected it to be.  I am 17 years old. I had not planned on having Patti with me during my birth. We knew her through the health department and my mom called and asked her to come because we were both freaked out about the contractions. She was able to calm both me and my mother down. After that I only wanted her with me and asked her to come to the hospital when it was time to go.  The doctor was not nice to me at all but Patti stayed with me the whole time. She told me my body knew what to do and for some reason I believed her. She never stopped talking to me in this soft voice just barely above a whisper. She told me how awesome I was and what a great job I was doing. It was time to push before I knew it and I was so relaxed I was almost asleep.  Pushing felt great! Patti helped me to breastfeed my little girl and I am still exclusively breastfeeding 6 months later. She helped me to realize that my body rocks and even gave me a t-shirt that said so!   I love her and would recommend her to anyone!   Brittany

a calming presence


Patti Crawford was my doula for the birth of my first child and I don't believe I could have labored naturally without medications or an epidural without her. She knew exactly what to say or do at the perfect time. She not only helped me but she showed my husband how to support me during contractions.  My husband mainly helped with counter pressure on my lower back, but Patti was the calming voice in my ear; she helped me mentally relax. She knew when to have me change my breathing pattern as I transitioned to deliver. There was also a time when she prayed with me and that really helped calm my nerves. I would recommend her for any mom.  Carly Waller, R N