Birth doula:

   Includes at least one visit before (more if needed) and one visit after birth. Access by cell phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week for questions and support throughout pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum and continuous support throughout labor and birth. Access to my lending library including books, DVD's and hypnobabies program.

Initial consultations are always free. 

 $995  hospital birth

$925 home birth   

$950 for births at Natural Beginnings Birthing Center

Postpartum doula: 

$30 per hour/4 hour minimum

$225 for 8 hour day

$275 for 10 hour overnight


Lamaze Childbirth Education:

$ 150  group classes, 5 week series

$395 private classes,  12 hours of instruction tailored to fit your needs and schedule

 *It is my desire that no family in need of a doula goes without one because of inability to pay.  Please contact me so we can discuss your unique needs as we may be able to work out a payment plan or barter arrangement!